When You Bought That Gasoline Powered Car...

October 19, 2023

Did you ask the dealer where you can gas up? Sounds like a stupid question, right? But if you buy an EV you should probably find out where you can charge or you might end up as the 1-in-5 California residents that switched back to a gas-powered car due to the inconvenience of charging. That’s what was reported by BusinessInsider.com in 2021. Apparently, 70% of those who switched back to gas cars also said they lacked charging at home.

In fact, the researcher of the article, who tested a wide range of makes and models of plug-in EVs over the years says “If you don’t have a Level 2 (charger) it’s almost impossible (to own an EV)” – (paraphrases by Power Hero).

Get it? Even home owners with access to 110V - 120V power need our PowerPac to get fast 240V Level 2 charging. So, the market need for our PowerPac goes beyond even our primary target of apartment residents. That’s HUGE!

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