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On Point

ChargePoint’s Leading Position and Differentiated Strategy Make it a Long-Term Winner
October 22, 2022

I love to hear how well my #EVcharging “competitors” are doing. Here’s a great article touting #ChargePoint as a BUY investment recommendation. The article rightfully reported that #ChargePoint has about 200,000 charging ports on its network …

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Volkswagen France launches Shargy, the Airbnb of community charging
October 13, 2022

I often wonder how it was for #BrianChesky and his co-founders in the early years of #Airbnb when he was asked about his business model. What did he say… “we rent out people’s bedrooms”? Now Airbnb is so ingrained in our lives everyone knows …

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Innovations Happening in the Electric Vehicle Charging Space
September 14, 2022

Faith! The hardest discipline for a startup. Next is endurance! Stay the course and have #faith, not just in yourself, but in Almighty #God! And somehow what you do begin to be relevant, or at least be seen to be…. it’s a start. This article below recognizes that what we do at …

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