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We’re excited to offer you this limited opportunity to invest in Power Hero and join our mission to change EV charging, for good.

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I was looking into investing in startups and I came across Power Hero on StartEngine. I decided to invest in the EV space cause that's where I see the future was going. I saw the company was progressing with their product patents. Also, I was impressed with the team's background and what they have done in the past with other companies they were involved with.

Carl R.

Business owner

The very common topic amongst startups is who's going to be the next Uber or the next Airbnb. And that's how I look at Power Hero as far as what the future holds. We need to understand the issue of shortages of charging stations, and ask yourself how you can solve it.

Michal S.


We only get one earth. To preserve it and make it better for the future for my kids and grandkids, I said I need to give back. What can I do to support this effort. I saw EV was a driving force and Power Hero is behind that EV market. So I thought if I can do anything to help this planet to be a safer environment I'd invest in Power Hero.

Stacey M.

IT Professional

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September 12, 2023

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September 5, 2023

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Why Invest in Power Hero?
July 30, 2023

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