What Do They Know

September 26, 2023

Have you wondered why people invest in Power Hero’s Netcapital campaign, and what was their average investment? It is $1,418.

Here are some of the reasons given:

“It is the wave of the future. I am invested in a number of public charging companies” says an investor who bet $3,000 on Power Hero.

“Patents” said one investor that committed to invest $2,000.

“After listening to the webinar I want to be on the Ground Floor of a great invention…” declared an ardent investor whose total investments run in the 5 digits.

“The new wave of the world to access energy” shouts one investor with a commitment of $3,000.

“I believe in your vision” and “Great idea” espoused a $1,100 investor and a $1,000 investor respectively.

“… the lack of infrastructure in businesses and apartment complexes to install 240 chargers” said a $2,000 investor.

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