Volkswagen France launches Shargy, the Airbnb of community charging

October 13, 2022

I often wonder how it was for #BrianChesky and his co-founders in the early years of #Airbnb when he was asked about his business model. What did he say… “we rent out people’s bedrooms”? Now Airbnb is so ingrained in our lives everyone knows that when you say “Get me an Airbnb in LA” we know that you want to stay at the private home of an #airbnbhost in LA.

Now, #Volkswagen-France has launched an Airbnb service for #EVcharging in France called #Shargy!

We at Power Hero go one better, we can make those home chargers smart by just plugging our patented Cameo adapter on to the charger nozzle so you can RESERVE it online. Power to the people … just saying…