Patent Claims Matter – Power Hero Has 447 Patent Claims

October 5, 2023

167 Claims are granted. Another 280 claims are pending.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), claims “are the heart of a patent” because they “define the scope of legal protection”. The WIPO knows as it’s the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation within the United Nations, with 193 member states.

WIPO goes on to describe that patents represents:

  • Proof of ideation or innovation
  • Demonstrates expertise
  • Positions the inventor as the “original”
  • Creates an asset of an intangible property, and
  • Enables the generation of licensing revenues

When we say we are valuable it’s because we believe that we are creating value while we are developing our products. Climb on board while Power Hero is still within reach!

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