Netcapital Live Q&A with Power Hero

June 20, 2024

$5,000 Worth of Prizes Will Be Drawn at the next Power Hero Q&A Webinar

June 20, 2024, at 1 PM PST (Los Angeles time).

** 1st Prize (Qty 1) ** $2,000 worth of Power Hero shares
** 2nd Prize (Qty 1) ** $1,000 worth of Power Hero shares
** 3rd Prize (Qty 3) ** $500 worth of Power Hero shares
** 4th Prize (Qty 20) ** A Power Hero T-Shirt (subject to available size)

1. Participants must register and attend our webinar through to the end to
receive 1 ticket for the draw. Attendance will be monitored.
2. Participants who refers a guest that subsequently registers and attends the
webinar will each receive 1 ticket for the draw. So, if the referrer also attends the webinar themselves, they effectively get two tickets to enter the draw, thus doubling their chances of winning a prize, or multiple prizes. For each additional guest who attends, the referrer’s odds of winning increases proportionally. Participants who wish to claim a guest referral must submit the guest’s full name and email address to before the event begins and cite “June 20, 2024 Q&A” in the email subject line. Participants’ referral claims will be rejected if the referred guests have already registered ahead of participants’ referral claims.
3. The referred guest that subsequently invests within 1 week of the webinar will earn the referrer shares of Power Hero equal to 50% of the amount purchased by the referred guest.
4. If the referrer invests before 1pm PST on June 27, 2024, they will receive an equal number of Power Hero shares from our Founder Esmond Goei.

A. The draw will be held offline and officiated by a member of our Board (TBD).
The date and time of the draw will be announced by email a week after the webinar and may be broadcast LIVE.
B. All share prizes are donated by Power Hero’s Founder Esmond Goei.

**Legal Disclaimer**:

This giveaway is subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations. Participants are responsible for any applicable taxes on prizes. All decisions are final and at the discretionary of Power Hero. Recipient will also be responsible for seeking their own legal and tax advice. The Company shares do not currently trade on any stock exchange and as such there is no market for the shares. The winning Participants will need to hold the shares for a minimum of one year before they can legally sell them under applicable securities laws.