Innovations Happening in the Electric Vehicle Charging Space

September 14, 2022

Faith! The hardest discipline for a startup. Next is endurance! Stay the course and have #faith, not just in yourself, but in Almighty #God! And somehow what you do begin to be relevant, or at least be seen to be…. it’s a start. This article below recognizes that what we do at Power Hero may just make owning an EV less stressful. Please read on. We’ve now tested our Cameo adapter, referenced in the article, with a #Tesla car and also randomly tested it on a public standalone Level 2 EV #charger. It worked flawlessly. Just plug and play. The Cameo instantly connected the “dumb” charger to our app and made it reservable, just like reserving a table at a restaurant. It’s your time slot and no one can use the charger but you.