Fighting The Competition

October 12, 2023

Competitors like ChargePoint are big but they don’t have a competitive advantage. Here’s why :

  1. The big boys focus on competing in public places with high traffic to make money. We don’t need traffic. We rent out our personal PowerPacs on an economical rental or lease-to-own package.
  2. The big boys require building owners to upgrade their electrical system with lengthy and expensive re-construction. Our PowerPac uses existing 110V circuits to pump out Level 2 charging with little cost to building owners.
  3. PowerPac’s comprehensive patent is tough to overcome. It is not economical or logical for ChargePoint to spend money to try and bypass our strong patent position. As a publicly listed company they need to stick to their story and business model to prop up their stock price.
  4. We are not burdened by legacy installations. It’s like asking KFC®️to add burgers to their menu that require grills in addition to fryers.

Goliaths can be defeated.

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