Feedback from Cities and You

March 10, 2023

We’ve been traveling up and down California talking to stakeholders from different cities.

Some of the best feedback we get is about how PowerPac will allow people to draw power off-peak when costs are lower. PowerPac evenly banks power throughout the day and can be remotely managed to load up off-peak. If every EV driver hits the grid at 220V and 40 amps at 5:30 PM, that puts massive pressure on the grid. PowerPac will be a big help to utilities managing power demand to a growing base of EV drivers.

Also, solutions like mPower and PowerPac can be set up as demand-response and virtual power plant solutions. Giving utilities the ability to manage and avoid capacity outages. The utilities pay for this in terms of both readiness and actual usage – providing another revenue stream and a better return on investment.

We love this kind of feedback! Please provide feedback when you invest and let us know where YOU think we can make the biggest impact.