Power Hero Appoints Former Speaker of the California State Assembly as New Board Member

June 7, 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Curt Pringle, a prominent figure in public service, joins Power Hero’s board. With his remarkable background, including two terms as Mayor of Anaheim and significant contributions as Speaker of the California State Assembly, Mr. Pringle brings valuable expertise on the biggest EV market in the country, California.

Mr. Pringle played a vital role in shaping California over the last two decades. His experience extends to committees for the Orange County Transportation Authority and the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger, Mr. Pringle also served on the Public Employee Post-Employment Benefits Commission.

Mr. Pringle’s knowledge will be invaluable as we navigate government programs and expand electric vehicle infrastructure into the California market. Support our crowdfunding campaign and be part of this exciting journey with Power Hero!