ChargePoint’s Leading Position and Differentiated Strategy Make it a Long-Term Winner

October 22, 2022

I love to hear how well my #EVcharging “competitors” are doing. Here’s a great article touting #ChargePoint as a BUY investment recommendation. The article rightfully reported that #ChargePoint has about 200,000 charging ports on its network…. Oh….. we (Power Hero) had a full paragraph mention as a company to watch!

I was disappointed though that the article didn’t mention that our Cameo adapter product is directed at EV owners that have permanently installed a Level 2 charger. J.D. Power, the premier consumer research analytics house reports that 54% of #Tesla owners have installed EV chargers on their property. Applying that statistic over the 2 million EVs in America means that over 1 million PLUS home EV chargers could be networked by simply plugging our Cameo adapter to the nozzle of their home chargers. Hmm… wonder if we’ll get a BUY #investment recommendation?