Buyer’s Remorse

December 30, 2021

We’ve all experienced it one time or another. Wikipedia defines that as regret associated with buying something expensive “such as a vehicle or real estate.”

I was struck by the reference to “vehicle” because I have read before that 17% of EV owners have reverted to gasoline cars. Buyer’s remorse?

So, I dug up that April 2021 report that I had read from the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST) to refresh my memory, and it hit me. Of the EV owners that continued EV ownership, only 2% of them cited using fast DC #EVchargingstations… so it’s not about fastcharging times.

The NCST report stated that this “has the potential to slow electric vehicle market growth”. Whoa. That’s serious. The report also concluded that discontinuance was partly due to “dissatisfaction with charging convenience and a lack of level 2 charging at home” and recommended that “more also needs to be done …. particularly in multi-unit dwellings.”

In that case, here’s my simple take and gentle suggestions for @SecretaryPete and @USDOT to help achieve EV saturation:

  1. EV adoption is not just about installing public #chargingstations or #DCFC Level 3 chargers.
  2. Incentivizing more EV owners to install Level 2 chargers at home is less costly than building public charging stations and should result in higher EV adoption rates.
  3. Encouraging crowd sharing of home chargers would increase the geographic footprint of #EVchargers which should reduce range anxiety and encourage #EVadoption. Power Hero can help with that.
  4. Retrofitting existing unconnected public and home Level 2 chargers with networking and reservation capabilities assures drivers that the charger they want to use is available when they need it and reserve it, thus eliminating confrontation between competing
    drivers “at the pump”.
  5. Equipping home chargers for crowd sharing with Power Hero’s Cameo adapter cost only a few hundred dollars each so the @USDOT budget goes much further.
  6. Lastly, Power Hero’s other ePort adapters are designed for time sharing and reserving of existing 120V outlets in the garages of multi-unit dwellings. That means apartment dwellers are not left out of the EV revolution just because their buildings are old.

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