Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does it cost to charge?
Public stations set their own rates. Private stations charge hourly parking rates. Hosts set hourly rates between $1 to $2 to recoup power costs. You also have the option to tip a private host for helping in a pinch.

2. Where do I go when my car is charging in a private station like a driveway?
Each private station is registered with custom instructions for visiting members. Some hosts may provide amenities. Others may request that you stay with the car. For most you are free to leave (Uber or Lyft) to another destination and return, provided the host approves you for the parking time. Please return and retrieve your vehicle by the end of the reserved parking time, or you may be charged for overstaying particularly if your EV is preventing another EV from charging.

3. Where can I charge with Power Hero?
Power Hero is focusing its initial launch in the Pacific Northwest (OR and WA). California will follow shortly? Pre-register for Power Hero so we know where to go next!

4. What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?
If you need to cancel or change your reservation do so in the app. See our Terms and Conditions for additional details about cancellations.

5. What if I’m running late to pick up my car?
Let your host know as soon as possible via the app and leave a big tip!! However, you may not be able to charge up to your full intended period as there may be others that have booked time after yours. Realize that hosts are not full-time parking attendants and may need to pull power from your vehicle and close their garage access. They also have the right to tow should you not come back in time or assess higher rates for overages as part of station pricing. Power Hero claims no responsibility for your vehicle at any time or for any consequences of it being left in a Host’s driveway past the reservation period.

6. Can I register more than one EV?
Not yet. If you want to register two EVs you’ll have to have two separate accounts with two separate email addresses.


1. Is my address listed to the public when I create a listing with Power Hero?
No, your address is not listed on the application when you create a listing. Instead, a pin is placed on a map with a slight offset from your actual address. Only after you approve a reservation will a driver be provided with your actual address.

2. Do I need to be home to host other EV drivers?
No, you don’t need to be home. You just need to be able to provide guaranteed access to EV drivers during their reservation time. You can be home for every reservation if you’d like or you can instead make sure your station is available when drivers arrive by making it accessible from the driveway. If you provided a lock code or specific directions to access your station in your Power Hero listing, that information, along with your address, will only be shared with EV drivers after you have approved their charging request.

3. How am I going to get paid?
After you charge a Power Hero member, your earnings will be stored as credit to your account. At any time, you can go into the app and (1) request to convert your earnings into charging credit to use at other Power Hero stations immediately, or (2) request a payout to your bank account on file which will be processed within 5 business days. Any changes to your address or additional questions should be directed to

4. What if I only want to pass on the cost of electricity?
Great! EV drivers will love you. We recommend $1/hr to keep it simple and cover the electricity costs.

5. How much money will I make?
Heroes will not get rich hosting drivers but will benefit from our Power Hero Perks Program which can save them on average $2,000 per year. Top rated hosts will be eligible for our profit-sharing program. The main purpose is to create a safety net for other EV drivers. We can move faster than 1,000 utility companies by uniting and making our home chargers public. So no one ever runs out of juice!

6. What do people do when they are charging their car?
That usually depends on the type of charge. Some people just need to grab an hour to make it home, or to a fast charger. Others may want to park for an extended period of time and uber to work, an event, to catch a movie, etc.

7. What if someone leaves their car in my driveway?
Call our Customer Service line and let us handle the situation ASAP.

8. What if I don’t want strangers going into my garage?
Neither do we! Hosts should provide charging access from the driveway. Many meet and walk the cord out to the driver when they arrive. Others run the cord under the garage door so EV drivers can access it.

9. What if I want to make my home unavailable temporarily (ie out of town)?
Our app allows you to toggle your listing’s availability. Simply toggle off until you are ready to host again.

10. Can I register more than one charging station?
Yes. To do so register an Owner account and you can enter multiple stations.