Esmond Goei

CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder

Rob Kent

CMO, Vice-Chairman, and Co-founder

Manu Das

Director & AI Advisor

Armando Castro

Director and Legal Advisor

Power Hero™ consists of an experienced team dedicated to a true passion project. All C-level members have successfully managed start-ups and growth-phase companies in the CEO role, with a proven ability to scale businesses both domestically and internationally.

Our team has a proven startup track record with an expertise in clean energy and connected IoT products. Our combined experience brings legacy partnerships with fortune 500 companies that are eager to help them grow and innovate.

At Power Hero™, we are passionate about clean energy and making it possible for everyone to own an electric vehicle. Electric Vehicle growth is greatly held back by the inability to grow the charging grid. We are determined to prove our Peer-to-Peer economy-sharing platform can solve this capacity problem.

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of the electric vehicle market and take tens of millions of combustion vehicles off the road.

Stay Plugged In